Trove Summary is for nifty readers who want to take important concepts from articles right away

Why Summary?

Quickly get the key gist to save time from reading long articles. Trove Summary extracts concepts and keywords to break down articles into fairly decent summaries.

Summary also allows you to save the gists for future reference.


Privacy by Default

Privacy is a core value of Trove. We do not save nor track users on the articles they read or summarise. The saved articles are private and safe with Blockstack authentication and Gaia storage.



Articles saved in Summary are encrypted by default. No one, not even Trove, can read it. Only you (your browser or device where you are signed in) hold the encryption keys to decrypt your saved data.

User Owned

User Owned

Articles saved in Summary are owned by you and you alone. It is stored in your personal storage either provided by Blockstack or hosted by yourself. No one has access to your personal storage and the data are also encrypted.



Designed with elegance, Summary provides a simple yet powerful interface to view your summarized articles.

Saved articles in Summary are secure, encrypted and only readable by you (identity).